Rebuild Program Standard Products




Roof Deck Attachment

Roof Deck AdhesiveWhile the roof covering is the first line of defense against storm damage, it will only remain in place as long as the roof deck also remains intact. Loss of even one piece of roof deck can result in internal damage to your home and its contents. This interior damage is often many times the cost of the damage to the exterior of your home.



Roof Structure Bracing

Roof ClipThe connection between your roof structure and the walls is one of the most important structural connections in your house. That is why we reinforce this connection with additional clips and/or straps. Additionally, the gable end walls of your home can be subject to a tremendous beating during a hurricane. If not properly braced, sheathed, and anchored, they can collapse and cause a catastrophic amount of damage to your home. However, of all the possible structural retrofits, gable end walls are usually the easiest to strengthen and deserve to be a high priority on your retrofit list. REBUILD braces gable end walls as part of the total wind retrofit project.

Opening Protection

Roof ClipProtecting windows and doors from windborne debris during a hurricane or windstorm is an important part of protecting your home, your belongings, and your family. All exterior openings (exterior doors, windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, and garage doors) are protected as part of the REBUILD program. Windows are generally shuttered with a galvanized steel panel shutter system. You may choose to upgrade from the standard hurricane shutter panels. Upgrade options include clear lexan panels, accordion shutters, impact rated windows and more. Read more...


Exterior Entry Door

6 Panel DoorExterior doors and garage doors can be replaced, strengthened or shuttered. If you choose to have your entry door replaced a hurricane wind and impact rated pre-hung, six panel hollow metal door will be installed. There are upgrade options for entry doors which include half glass and full glass doors. If you choose not to replace the entry door it can be shuttered with the standard hurricane panels requiring you to sign a door waiver which states that you will shutter your exterior openings, including your doors, and will vacate the premises during a storm event. Additionally, you may choose to upgrade to a shutter system that can be operated from inside your home providing a means of egress during an emergency; thus, allowing you to shutter all exterior openings and also allowing you to stay in your home during a storm. Read more...


Garage Door

Roof ClipIf you have an attached garage on your home, the garage door will be evaluated to determine if it meets current hurricane wind and impact ratings. If it does not, the door will either receive upgrade components to bring it up to current code requirements or it will be replaced with a wind and impact rated door. If your door is replaced there are additional upgrades you may wish to purchase for your unit. Upgrades include various degrees of door insulation and view lite panels. Read more...